Friday, September 21, 2012

Search Engine Optimization and Google Role

Before Search search engines became the most dominant google look for web page, it all seemed that on the internet promotion is a free for all competition. It all seemed that lawless and illegal promotion techniques dominate. Unethical on the internet techniques such as using weblink farms and junk material seemed to have been the norm.

All changed when Search search engines entered the picture. This is especially true when it introduced its two major up-dates, namely, the penguin and panda up-dates. Even those who are practicing white hat SEO techniques were taken by surprised. It looked as if it was the end of on the internet promotion. Contrary to what many doomsday prophets have been predicting, online business continues. However, the standard of excellent significantly improved with regards to seo.

What is SEO?

As the name suggests, seo or SEO mainly involves the maximization of the on the internet presence of a web page. Primary is for a web page to rank highly in the google webpages of google. This is achieved through linking techniques. A backlink serves as a vote for a web page. The greater the number of backlinks, the greater the likelihood that a web page can be found. The backlinks point the google look for web page robots or crawlers, also known as spiders, to index and find a web page and its sub-pages.

Back hyperlinks can be created often but SEO mainly focuses on unpaid or natural hyperlinks. Compensated ads are not the top priority of SEO specialists. Aside from being costly, paid ads are typically restricted with regards to time and excellent of exposures. By comparison, natural backlinks can last for several years. They also usually entice particular customers that are likely to be converted as paying clients.

Blog commenting, community posting, directory submissions, and weblink exchanges are some of the most common ways to create backlinks. However, these methods are not as effective as creating top excellent material that can entice readers and clients. Content are usually published in websites, submitted to content submission sites, published in sites and spun a few times to optimize their being searchable. Links in the form of core text messages are incorporated in these material articles.

Updated articles that are useful and entertaining have greater advantage in attracting clients than mere weblog comments or community posts. Content that are authoritative tend to lend credibility to the sites that are promoting either directly or indirectly. This works for both end customers and google.

Google rules

Although there are other google such as Yahoo and MSN, Search search engines is the most widely used google look for web page. Being such, it dominates on the internet promotion. To certain large extent, Search search engines sets the guidelines for seo in particular and on the internet promotion in general. From analytics to adwords, from content excellent to keyword amount, from core text messages to weblink placement, Search search engines determines which web page should be penalized or rewarded with great pagerank.

The latest up-dates on Search search engines algorithms have set particular standards. For example, sites that have very thin and low excellent material are rated lower. Meanwhile, those sites that have useful and top excellent material are rated greater in the look for web page search engine webpages. The number of backlinks is also restricted to avoid spamming.

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